Rain Forest Alliance
Coffee1652 & The Rain Forest Alliance

More than 25 million people in the tropics depend on coffee - a raw material that is the economic backbone of many countries and the world's second most traded commodity after oil. Coffee is farmed on about 30 million acres worldwide and most of the farms are in areas regarded as high priorities for conservation.

Proud to be associated with The Rainforest Alliance.

The Rainforest Alliance is an independent, non-profit organisation promoting sustainability, environmental conservation and the well-being of workers and their communities. They work with local, on-the-ground expertise, which help farmers to improve farm management, and create lasting benefits like better schooling, cleaner water and healthy living conditions. Coffee 1652 is proud to be associated with The Rainforest Alliance, which uses the power of markets to arrest the major drivers of deforestation and environmental destruction: timber extraction, agricultural expansion, cattle ranching and tourism.

Rainforest Alliance Certified seal and Rainforest Alliance Verified mark.

It works to ensure that millions of acres of working forests, farms, ranchlands and hotel properties are managed according to rigorous sustainability standards. By linking those businesses to conscientious consumers, who identify their goods and services through the Rainforest Alliance Certified seal and Rainforest Alliance Verified mark, it demonstrates that sustainable practices can help businesses thrive in the modern economy. For more information on The Rainforest Alliance visit www.rainforest-alliance.org.

Thanks to our relationship with the Rainforest Alliance, we can be sure every cup of Bellizzi Rainforest Alliance certified coffee you drink has a positive effect on coffee-farming communities thousands of miles away. We are proud to be able to display the Rainforest Alliance mark on many of our clients bespoke coffee blends, who are supporting us in our drive to source and trade our coffees and other products in a consciously ethical manner By drinking coffee with a little green frog on the box, you can help support coffee farmers and their communities now and for generations to come. Please contact us for further details about our work with the Rainforest Alliance and the entire range covered by this ethical trading scheme.

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