Coffee1652 & The Fairtrade Foundation

Fairtrade The Fairtrade Foundation licenses the FAIRTRADE Mark to products which meet internationally recognised standards.
Coffee 1652 has signed the Foundation’s Distributor Agreement, which means that we are authorised to use the Mark and to distribute Fairtrade products. Fairtrade aims to alleviate poverty and encourage sustainable development by ensuring that disadvantaged farmers and workers in developing countries get a better deal through the use of the international FAIRTRADE Mark.

At Coffee 1652 we aim to raise awareness of Fairtrade and increase sales of Fairtrade-certified products by producing our own promotional material, such as posters, and also using the Foundation’s own material to promote product sales. Each year we support Fairtrade Fortnight by encouraging our clients FT_logoto promote Fairtrade products. We are helped in this effort by our own suppliers and the Fairtrade Foundation. In conjunction with our suppliers we are always working to introduce new Fairtrade products and update the standards for existing products.
For more information on the Fairtrade Foundation visit www.fairtrade.org.uk. Our work in the local community recently earned us an award as St Helens Fairtrade Employer of The Year and, as an active member of the local Fairtrade Steering Group. & TCCMG
(which is part of 'The Co-operative Group, we are activley engaged in the promotion of the Fairtrade ethos to all our partners & clients.

A little bit about the St. Helens Fairtrade Group….
The St. Helens Fairtrade Group is a sub-group of The Cooperative Community Members Group, which was set up in 2004 to help our city achieve, and retain, Fairtrade Borough Status. The group oversees activities going on throughout the year in order to ensure St. Helens is still meeting the five goals required to attain the Fairtrade status.

Members of the Steering Committee:
The steering committee is open to representatives of businesses, residents or community groups who are interested to play an active part in
promoting Fairtrade locally. Currently the steering group is represented by:

• St. Helens Council
• The Cooperative
• Coffee 1652 & North West Vending Ltd
• Cowley Language College
• St. Cuthberts Catholic Community College for Business and Enterprise
• St. Helens CVS

To raise awareness of Fairtrade and its benefits across the borough, and so help consumers in St. Helens make a difference to the lives of farmers and producers around the world.

• Promote Fairtrade at events across the Borough
• Support Fairtrade projects in schools and churches
• Encourage businesses & organizations in St. Helens to support Fairtrade
• Support yearly Fairtrade Fortnight celebrations by running workshops, sampling sessions, coffee mornings and green surgeries.

Please contact us for the full copy of the St.Helens Fairtrade Group Constitution

Group’s Achievements

• Awarded Fairtrade Borough Status in February 2009 and retained every anniversary since • Organized yearly events to promote Fairtrade including schools Fairtrade workshops, coffee mornings, public events and art exhibitions.
• Brought together local authority, schools, faith groups, businesses and residents towards a common goal.

Get Involved
The steering group meets bi-monthly and is happy to include volunteers from businesses, residents or community groups who want to play an active part in promoting Fairtrade locally. We are interested to hear from local shops, restaurants, cafes, caterers, schools, churches, and work places already involved with, or interested in starting to promote Fairtrade. If you are interested in being involved or would like to learn more about the work of the St. Helens Fairtrade Group please contact us for further information & details You can now follow the St Helens Fairtrade Group on twitter: http://twitter.com/sthelensft